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Park created his own You Tube channel on March 15, "jayparkaom", with the first upload being his own version of "Nothin' on You", which went viral and reached over 2,000,000 views in less than 24 hours. B released "Nothin' on You" featuring Park, in South Korea, where he replaces Bruno Mars' vocals.

His You Tube cover helped contribute to much of the song's success in Korea, with more than 5 million copies sold.

At the beginning of February, Park was featured in two music videos of girl group, 5dolls, called "Lips Stains" and "It's You".

Park was chosen to be the sole opener for Ne-Yo in his first concert in Seoul for the "2011 Hyundai Mall 40th Anniversary Concert" held on March 29.

Protests for Park's return to the group began to take place, not only in South Korea, but internationally as well.

However, because the album had been in preparation since January and public opinion on 2PM had since changed, the fans decided it would be in the best interest to not release the CD, and instead, mailed 10–20 copies to Seattle, Park's hometown.

He also apologized to the other 2PM members, and promised that he would "come back a better person".Park's vocals would not be removed from the older songs he promoted with 2PM, but he would be absent from the newer tracks, and the remaining six members of 2PM re-filmed their music video for "Heartbeat" without Park on October 31, 2009.Through their acceptance speeches at end-of-year award shows for "Again & Again", the members thanked Park and reiterated their wish for his return.Also in 2012, Park returned to KBS' Immortal Songs 2, became a fixed panel member on MBC's Come to Play, and hosted tv N's Saturday Night Live Korea.Born in Edmonds, Washington, in the Seattle metropolitan area, Park showed great interest in hip hop music and breakdancing at a young age.

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He appeared with fellow Art of Movement members at an annual Korean-American festival event called Project Korea III: KSA Cinderella Story at Rutgers University, New Jersey on April 3, along with Ailee and Clara C.

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  1. She kept her for two years but after that, things didn’t work out-she was harsh to daughter Kellie so, the custody was restored back to her grandparents.