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Cooper again claimed to be relying on a strict reading of the law as written – the law prohibited discrimination against people on the basis of a physical handicap, he argued, but it didn’t say anything about a fear of contagion, which as a legal matter, was something else entirely – but the decision ignited a firestorm of controversy, angering health experts who said it propagated the dangerous myth that AIDS could be transmitted through casual contact.Again, as it had with Bob Jones, Cooper’s rigidity with respect to the strict meaning of the law trumped his concern for how it might affect people.“Chuck never knew anyone with AIDS.Ultimately, the Supreme Court voted 8-1 to support the IRS’s policy against Bob Jones.

If Olson, who also has a flair for oral arguments, is the lawyer who argues before the court this spring, he and Cooper will be evenly matched.

He couldn’t’ even envision putting himself in the place of knowing someone with AIDS,” explains Doug Kmiec, who led the Office of Legal Counsel after Cooper.

Kmiec, who generally saw Cooper as a reasonable person, nonetheless thought his principled stances could be flawed.

Cooper calls himself “an unrepentant and avowed originalist,” who “believes the letter of the law sticks” until the people change it through the political process (that is, through Congress, not through an intervention from the administration or the courts).

Olson may generally agree, but he was always more pragmatic than Cooper, especially when it came to controversial policies.

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The two lawyers met in the Reagan Justice Department in the early ‘80’s.

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