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I have these 2 old stamps - one was posted in 1943 and the other in 1951, their value at the time was one pound five shillings and one pound fifteen shillings … Not rated yet I have 2 envelopes with franked lilac 3d stamps on. 4 Green half penny stamps on writing paper dated 1947.Can you help with some rough pricing please Not rated yet Hello, I just came across these that belonged to my grandfather and was wondering what type of value they have please. I have a 1941-2 dark green postage revenue 1/2p stamp. Not rated yet I have been looking through my Gran's stamp collection and wanted to start valuing her collection. There is a block of 15 stamps in 3 rows, with white edging strip along 2 sides.. hello I have part of an envelope with stamps on it and a stamp from post office dated 19 is this of any value Not rated yet Some are on thin paper with USA 3centpostage stamp I also have a very small one penny stamp it has a red swan revenue duty on top of the stamp it has …I have 2 Guiness Bicentenary special edition stamps in the original folder dated 20th July 1959, mint condition in the envelope they were posted in. Not rated yet My mother won these special stamps but she tore the stamp on the envelope which marked the first day of issue. what is a king edward VIII 1936 stamp on a postcard (with 9 on for 9th birthday ) worth please Not rated yet My daughter was given this on her 9th birthday by her great aunt who received it on her 9th birthday -what is a king edward VIII 1936 stamp on a postcard …

Postcards and Envelopes Then you are found asking yourself, I wonder what the Value of Old Postage Stamps are?

I have not been able to get a value for this stamp, … ) any feedback on this stamp is appreciated Not rated yet The collection of stamps I now posses , I would would guess had been dormant for maybe 50 years ( I'm guessing .) Thank you in advance for your time … ihave about 35 india stamps 1886 -1954 wat wud they be worth todays value Not rated yetiknow not much about most of them but some like 3 pies blue elephant is worth about 150 ive got HALFANNAS 0ne being green hyderbad or something …

i have a victoria 4 and halfd stamp it is the lime green and red stamp with the crown. Not rated yet Hi there it's a 1964 first day cover superb condition given to my granddad as a gift for his work for brown muff &co he designed there boxes penny red a cpl dozen i found them s me Not rated yeti have dozens of 1800 s London times news papers then i realized they were penny red stamps on them me im disabled and have no income so some value …

The stamp is what I believe is called Prussian Blue (darker than ultramarine), has 'Postage' written in a cursive script at the bottom, with'5d' at bottom … Thanks in advance So far I know that this is Queen Elizabeth 2 1/2 postage revenue.

I have not able to find this particular King Edward VII 1 Penny Stamp -info or value anywhere. Most I have been able to find only have the text at the bottom and different graphics around the edges. I was looking for information everywhere in the web, but couldn't find anything for it. This looks like a valuable 1 Penny stamp it was found in a book Printed in 1863 it's a missprint With F and D Someone plonked that stamp in a Punch book that was issued in 1863 The F&D is on the red one penny stamp and E C 4 is the post office stamp? I have a blue 18p Australian Bicentenary stamp with the Queen and parliament buildings on it - would like to know a value.

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