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In the late-70s, animator Richard Williams (Roger Rabbit, Pink Panther) directed a musical about Raggedy Ann and Andy, two dolls from the early-1900s.

The production was famously troubled: the original director died, Williams went over-budget, and new people had to come in to finish things up as quickly as possible.

He gets swindled by two animal con artists—a raccoon and a monkey in this film—and the Blue Fairy pops in every few scenes to remind him to stay on the right track.

The basic plot is familiar, but it’s peppered with strange details like giant barracudas, four-armed shape-shifters, and the truly scary moment where a human Pinocchio turns back into a puppet by painfully sprouting out marionette strings from his hands.

Also, it should be noted, this list focuses on Western animation, because the cartoons of Asia have their own brand of weirdness (and typically don’t involve people bursting into song).

Here are the ten strangest animated musicals to ever hit the screen.

These issues are evident in the finished product, which feels like some scenes—especially in the final third—are chopped-up or missing altogether.

It follows a teenaged descendant of Marco Polo (not exactly his “junior,” but whatever) as he travels to Xanadu to help Princess Shining Moon stop the evil Red Dragon.The big difference between this and Toy Story, however, is that Toy Story is based on the dynamic between two completely different characters who slowly grow to like each other.In this movie, the titular dolls are basically cyphers, meeting interesting new characters but having very little personalities of their own.In its amped up creepiness, this version has a lot in common with the original Italian novel, which opens with a magical log giggling as the woodcarver hacks into it with an ax.Fairy tales are creepy, and this movie reflects that.

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