Rob estes dating mitzi kapture

He is best known for his roles as Harry Wilson on the teen drama 90210, as Sgt.

Chris Lorenzo on the crime drama Silk Stalkings and as Kyle Mc Bride on the prime time soap opera Melrose Place.

Josie's pregnancy was integrated into the show's last couple of episodes as she was really starting to show, and it turned out that Jane was pregnant with Michael's baby and Kyle decided to raise the child as his own.

A couple years later, they had a daughter, whose name is escaping me right now, but in 2006, Josie filed for divorce.

I even remember seeing him on CSI: Miami when I zapped by it once ..

‘s Season 6 comes to an end tonight on USA Network.

But let’s focus on the finale, called “Santabarbaratown.” Here’s a synopsis: Shawn, Gus and Henry reopen a cold case, and revisit all the old suspects, including the son of a millionaire who was dating her at the time she went missing.

Psych fans can speak with Papa Spencer himself, the legendary Corbin Bernsen on , in the ’90s. Chris Lorenzo and Rita Lee Lance fighting crime in glamorous Palm Beach?

Nick Townsend - Come as You Are (2006) TV Episode .... Sean Cole - Five Little Indians (2006) TV Episode .... Jimmy - Say Goodnight, Gracie (2003) TV Episode .... aka Special Victims Unit (New Zealand: English title) - Desperate (2003) TV Episode .... ATF Special Agent Thomas Kellogg # "The Twilight Zone" ....This season has been hilarious and has featured some great guest star appearances.Favorite episode, for me, has to be “This Episode Sucks.” I think my stomach is still hurting from laughing so hard.She was also Sara’s lookalike, Katie Ryan, the girl who stalked Clay and eventually shot him and his girlfriend, Quinn.Robert "Rob" Estes (born July 22, 1963) is an American actor.

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