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Efforts of OFB should be viewed objectively and it should be granted autonomous status at par with ISRO etc and then see the result.

SUPPLYING the Haubits FH77 (Bofors) artillery guns for the Kargil war against Pakistan in 1999, rushing engines for the T-90 tanks during the Indian Army’s “surgical strikes” inside Pakistan-occupied Kashmir in 2016, ramping up production of armoured personnel carriers and dispatching them to the Indian Army’s Eastern Sector during the recent standoff with China on the Doklam plateau, even bullet-proofing the offices of more than one Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Some of the major buildings of this period are well maintained and several buildings have been declared as heritage structures.

But to many defence pundits, these factories are a labyrinth, a white elephant that must be broken up, restructured and hived off. It consists of the region just north of the Maidan and includes Dalhousie Square with all its colonial British buildings.The district takes a visitor back to the Raj-era with nostalgic overtones. This comes from the numerous palatial mansions built all over the city.Nothing can be more glaring than the numerous criticisms against the battle tank Arjun and the assault rifle INSAS (Indian New Small Arms System).Bent barrel, inaccurate firing, chamber burnt, failures in high altitude, the grouses against INSAS are many.

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The criticism Arjun faces is that its heaviness affects its manoeuvrability, endurance and speed, and makes moving it over bridges a logistic nightmare.

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