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You can order what you wish if you like - 6.30 pm for 7 pm – Number expected 12 – 15 - 18, aiming for balanced numbers (last Saturday we had 15, 6 men and 9 women, but I will work hard again to balance the numbers) -Come along and bring a friend if you like.

The proposition has been suggested that if people don't bring people I charge piggy money for those who don't bring paid for friends as an encouragement for members to bring new people.If you are single, divorced or widowed or just looking to meet a new partner, A Table for Six believes singles dinners for 6 and our events for singles are a great way to meet other singles face to face in a relaxed environment.Most of us enjoy a nice dinner and this is a great way to meet a new partner.Lunch party at Lorraine's at Malabar, address given when you book. Everyone to bring some food and drink to share, no charge for the day. Some have said they won't come back because the dinners are too cheap.So a first suggestion I make is that you can pay more on the night by paying extra into piggy.

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