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There are worse things, Henry tells himself when Kyuhyun starts fidgeting in his seat. -If anyone asked a young Henry what he'd do if he got to meet Justin Bieber—back when the kid was still decent—Henry would have told them that he'd freak out.He wouldn't know what to say, so Henry probably would have ended up saying everything.So Henry knows about the embarrassing number of pictures of Zhou Mi that Kyuhyun has on his phone.Henry also knows about ten of Zhou Mi's songs by heart because Kyuhyun likes to leave his Itouch on at night, and because Kyuhyun will sing nothing else but Zhou Mi's songs when they're in China.

Henry glances at Zhou Mi's dark red hair, at how close Kyuhyun's own curls are to Zhou Mi's head. So fans want Sungmin to tell only them the truth, but Sungmin refused. if it’s true or not and Sungmin’s name written there as he reserved the place for December 13th. (Kim Saeun’s bday is on April 8th and she turns 30 this year)Then the , “Who wants to leave just leave and who want to stay just stay.” Sungmin upvoted the post.added: from what I compiled from K-ELF, apparently, the news of Sungmin’s marriage is a well-known secret among Korean ELF since spring this year but ofc with consideration, they didnt spread it around. They spent money, time, but Sungmin doesnt want to seems in Korea, you can’t mix personal life with work/fans. If you want to date then date privately, don’t ever sending cryptic message in front of fans, wearing couple ring in front of fans, uploading personal life stuff, etc.

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